We have developed several complex websites and online features based on client requirements.

Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting Inc.

In 2002 Angelo created the initial main website, and in 2003 he designed an online assessment system. In 2011 the assessment system was redeveloped as a WordPress Plugin to take advantage of the built-in language and translation support. The custom plugin was developed in English and was translated to Spanish, Danish, and German.

Nick Insurance Inc.

In 2001 Angelo created the initial web site which included an elaborate insurance quote form and database driven list of insurance companies. In 2012 the web site was redesigned utilizing WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). The latest web site utilizes “Call to action” pages for both the main page and Google AdWord landing pages. All site migration techniques were deployed, old pages are redirected to new pages, page URL’s are optimized for search engines, and the web site is optimized to load quickly without flash or image clutter.

RawVoice / Blubrry Podcasting

Angelo was responsible for developing and deploying multiple website properties owned by RawVoice, Inc from 2005 to 2022. For a list of all of the websites, go to rawvoice.com. One popular site is blubrry.com for podcast hosting and statistics services as well as a full podcast directory with over 2 million podcasts. Since 2009 the web Infrascuture at RawVoice has been hosted on Amazon Web Services.


Angelo is currently managing the ForeverBride.com website.